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Introducing the future of group training at MH Studio.Drawing upon our combined experience of over 30 years getting clients transformative results, we have created a system designed to suit almost any member goal.

From fast fat loss to muscle gain, when combined with the correct nutritional approach, results are virtually guaranteed.Our new group training membership now includes three types of session to enable you to tailor your schedule to fit your goal:


Our signature group training workout designed to torch calories and improve muscle tone. These workouts combine boxing drills, all body resistance work and interval cardio conditioning. Ideal for anyone wanting to lose fat and improve muscle tone and body shape.


A resistance only workout to strengthen and develop muscle. Strength sessions focus on either upper or lower body muscles each session and always include core focused work. If you’re looking to improve muscle tone or size, this is the one for you.


The biggest calorie burner on our schedule. This is pure cardio conditioning work to challenge and improve your fitness and support fat loss. Adding a Sweat session to your schedule can accelerate progress on a fat loss plan.

So what are you waiting for? Start your new fitness journey with MHStudio today, click the button below for instructions how to get started.