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Frequently asked questions


You will receive 30 days worth of training with us. Think of it as a no strings attached tester, that will help you decide whether MH Studio is right for you.

No. Our members vary in age and fitness ability. Everybody has to start somewhere. Our experienced personal trainers will tailor your programme to ensure you’re working towards your goal at a pace that’s safe and affective for you.

It’s completely up to you. We hope that 30 days of experiencing MH Studio will give you the opportunity to see the benefits of what being a member can bring to your life, but if you decide it’s not for you then we will simply say goodbye and wish you all the best for the future.

Not at all! The format of our classes mean we can coach all abilities, fitness and strength levels equally in the same session. Our expert coaches are also there to ensure each member is working at the correct level for themselves.

All classes at MH Studio are 50 minutes in duration. This includes a warm up and cool down component.

Absolutely! We are keen to help anyone and everyone on their fitness journey regardless of experience. Our expert coaches are on hand at all times to specifically support and coach members through movements and use of equipment.

The class coach will always check before a session if each member has any injury’s or condition affecting their ability in the session. Once established, the coach will make exercise substitutions where feasible for members requiring this.

A water bottle and a small sweat towel are essentials. Aside from that, a positive attitude and a smile always help!

Any sports or exercise related attire will be just fine if it allows you to move freely. We recommend training shoes and clothing layers for your top half which keep you warm initially and then can be removed as you start to sweat.

For sure. Our Strength classes are specifically programmed to develop strength and promote muscle tone and shape. We have both upper and lower body focused strength classes to ensure the whole body gets worked effectively.

We offer a 30 day trial for our group training membership, once completed all of our memberships require an initial 3 month commitment. After this we offer a monthly rolling contract with a notice period of 1 month.